Wendy Devere-Austin


What is life like when the very person who is supposed to care for you most is the person whom you most dread? How does a child survive and grow when subjected, day after day, night after night, to the subtle malice and open violence of a tormentor who has usurped the function of a parent?

Wendy DeVere-Austin's moving book is proof that such a childhood can, with luck and perseverance, not only be survived; it can also give way, eventually, to a rich, happy, and vivid life, even if not all scars will always disappear altogether.

DeVere-Austin gives us not only her terrifying childhood, but also her varied career as a hairdresser, model, and secretary working in the film industry. The result is a colourful memoir which is likely to surprise readers at every turn.

Wendy DeVere-Austin was born in Bath, England. She was schooled at La Sainte Union Convent. She then went to Exeter University. After four years modelling for Chanel, Escada,Valentino and Dior, she entered the film industry, working on films such as Run Wild, Run Free, Nicholas and Alexandra, Conduct Unbecoming, The Internecine Project, The Life Story of D.H. Lawrence and many more.

She and her husband now live in Virginia

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